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Welcome to our new-look blog! 

We’ve got a lot of information to share so our plan is to update our blog at least once a month.  If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them via our blog as they’re likely to be relevant to others as well.  We won’t use your name, unless you give us permission.


We’re getting out into the community, attending expos and offering tastings of Tummy Thyme products.  We would love to meet you so if you’re around, come and say hello!  You’ll find the information in our blog. 

Also, keep an eye out for specials and promotions.  We plan on doing more of these as we expand our product range.  

We would love to get your feedback.  We want our blog to be a conversation because we all have a shared interest in and love for our children.  And food is one of the great ways to meet!

There will be something for everyone in Talking Tummy Thyme!

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Is homemade baby food always the best?

Having spoken to many people since we started Tummy Thyme, there is one question that pops up more than any other:  Are the ingredients in commercially-available baby food harmful to my child?

To begin with, we know that the big PLUS when you buy baby food from the grocery store or supermarket is the convenience.  New parents are ALWAYS time poor, so anything that can make life easier is something to be valued.  We get that, and as new parents ourselves we understand that juggling time is the defining issue common to almost every parent we know.

Food sold commercially in the United States must comply with very rigorous government standards, and the penalty for breaching those standards can be severe.   But shelf-stable products can contain additives or be subject to processes such as extreme heat that keep the food ‘healthy’ for human consumption.  It is not unusual for a jar or pouch to have been manufactured two years before it reaches the supermarket shelf.   

The reason we created Tummy Thyme was not only to avoid additives and highly processed foods but also to introduce our daughter to a wide variety of tastes and textures, as we know that lifelong eating habits are created in the first few years of life. 

One of the most compelling reasons to prepare your own food is because YOU know exactly what you’re feeding your baby.  You can choose which fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and spices are used, instead of relying on flavors chosen by manufacturers. 

As one author* commented in an online posting:  “You’re not going to find melons or avocados in the baby food section of the supermarket.”

One of the parents quoted in that posting said:  “What sealed the deal for me was finding out that jarred food is cooked at extremely high temperatures to kill bacteria for longer storage, at the same time taking out many of the food's vitamins and nutrients and taste.” 

Mayani eats edamame

So it’s a no-brainer, right?  Well, no.  It’s not that simple.  Many parents have tried to make their own baby food but the time involved, the cost and other factors can play a hand.  Here’s why:

  • Commercially-made food can benefit from economies of scale; in other words, costs are kept low because they purchase everything in bulk.  
  • It takes time to make and prepare lots of little servings of homemade baby food. It’s much faster to pick up pre-packaged servings.
  • Pre-packaged baby foods come in measured amounts and are ready to serve.
  • Homemade baby foods can spoil more quickly and require refrigeration, which may take up room in the fridge or freezer if lots of servings are made ahead of time. Pre-packaged baby foods don’t need refrigerator storage until they’re opened.

Tummy Thyme is homemade baby food that we make for our daughter. Because of the interest from other parents we met at our Mommy and Me groups, the idea flourished – first, by making food for a handful of others and now, for many others!  But at its heart, nothing has changed: Tummy Thyme baby food is still prepared in the same way as we did in our home kitchen, and it retains the same values that we were so important for us as new parents. 



Come and say g’day!

If you happen to be around on the following dates, we would love to see you!

Food tasting:


136743 Riverside DVE, Sherman Oaks CA




May 7th at Great Big Family Play Day Expo, 9am-5pm, 

The Autry - Griffith Park



Free Welcome Play Date with CityMoms:

May 15th at Bini Birth, 6pm-8pm, 

136743 Riverside Drive, Sherman Oaks CA 91423



Breastfeeding support group with Roza - covering introduction of solids

June 1st at Bini Birth, 1pm-2.15pm, 

136743 Riverside Drive, Sherman Oaks CA 91423



Meet the absolutely gorgeous Finn : )  Here he is enjoying the Apple and raspberry compote with coconut quinoa in a wrap!!

Meet the absolutely gorgeous Finn : )  Here he is enjoying the Apple and raspberry compote with coconut quinoa in a wrap!!


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